Labour in Chippenham campaigns over the Cost of Cameron

On Saturday, Labour Party members joined me at a street stall in Chippenham, highlighting the high cost of energy prices, and how the next Labour government will intervene in the energy market in the interest of domestic consumers, and businesses.

Labour Party in Chippenham

High energy costs are a particular problem in rural areas. A recent report by NEA and Calor has revealed that the fuel poverty gap in rural areas stands at an average of £558, whereas the average gap for urban households is £361.

A significant issue is that the off-grid energy sector is currently unregulated, and while there has been understandable media concern about the average £300 increase in household energy bills for on-grid gas and electricity, there has been less attention to the average rise of £450 of LPG prices over the same period.

I am pleased that the Labour Party has recognized these problems, and has pledged to introduce regulation after the next general election, but has also promised that the next Labour government will make earlier Winter Fuel payments to LPG users, making payments in July, so that fuel can be purchased earlier to avoid price spikes as winter approaches.

Published and promoted by Chippenham Labour Party on behalf of Andy Newman, both of 5 Elm Hayes, Corsham, SN13 9JW

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