Labour is the main challenger to the Conservatives

Throughout the recent general election, Labour supporters in the Chippenham constituency were bombarded with advice to “vote tactically”. However, make no mistake Labour is in a better position to win here now than the Lib Dems are.

labour is challenger

The average Lib Dem vote across Wiltshire is similar to the national average, standing at just over 11% – , the Lib Dems have no realistic chance of winning a Wiltshire seat in the foreseeable future. It is Labour who are the growing challenger, both winning over voters from the Conservatives, and also attracting new and first time voters.

There will always be a certain amount of tactical voting, as each voter makes their own personal decision how best to use their vote. For example, the Lib Dem vote in both of the Swindon constituencies was very low, as these are tight contests between Labour and the Conservatives, and some Lib Dem voters will switch to each of these parties seeking to influence the outcome. However, Labour supporters in the Chippenham constituency need to understand that the best “tactical vote” is to vote for what you believe in. The Lib Dems cannot win here, we have a better chance than they do.



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