Why we need a Labour government

Andy Newman, Labour Party in Corsham High Street, Chippenham

by Andy Newman

Britain faces a stark choice, a competent, compassionate Labour government committed to an economy that works for all, or a bumbling, arrogant Conservative government that serves only the rich few. But we cannot achieve a Labour government unless we vote for a Labour government. I am asking for your support as Labour candidate for the Chippenham constituency.

Although Prime Minister, Theresa May continually harps on about strength and stability, her government lurches from one self-inflicted crisis to another.

The Conservatives led the UK into a referendum on leaving the UK, but had no plans drawn up for how to deal with a leave vote. Any business which didn’t have contingency plans for such a momentous change would be regarded as incompetently managed, yet the Tory government had done no forward planning. The Lib Dems are even worse, they are opposing planning for Brexit even a year after the referendum result: that is a recipe for disaster.

Labour respects the referendum result, but we will fight to ensure that the terms of Brexit are the best possible for the citizens of the UK, not ones that only suit millionaire fat cats in the City of London. In particular, Labour will ensure that your rights at work do not suffer when European law is repealed, and that we have advantageous trade terms to benefit our economy.

Education is in crisis under the Conservatives, and a Labour government is seen as essential by teaching professionals, as we saw with the recent standing ovations given to Jeremy Corbyn by a head teachers conference.

The NHS is straining under the Conservatives, with some nurses forced to resort to foodbanks. It is harder and harder to get a GP appointment, and waiting lists are growing.

The record of the Conservatives in government has been the pursuit of narrow self interest by the rich for the rich, combined with blundering incompetence and short sightedness.

In contrast, we should be very proud of what was achieved by the Labour government between 1997 and 2010. By 2010, there were 41000 more teachers and 120000 more teaching assistants, 80000 more nurses and 44000 more doctors, and 4.5 million families received tax credits of an average £65 per week.

There was meaningful devolution to Scotland and Wales, the abolition of Clause 28, the introduction of civil partnerships, Sure Start, paternity rights, improved maternity rights, a right to Trade Union representation at work, a statutory route to union recognition, the minimum wage, expansion of the NHS, the school building programme, a vast increase of NHS and school staff, the working time directive, working tax credits, family credits, and more.

Not to mention an end to the war in Ireland, and the start of a meaningful peace process.

The Labour Party stands for a fairer and better Britain, a Britain that is on your side in hard times.


Published and promoted by Chippenham Labour Party on behalf of Andy Newman, both of 5 Elm Hayes, Corsham, SN13 9JW

1 Response to Why we need a Labour government

  1. Shaun Williams says:

    Hi Andy, I received your letter today. I’ve been a silent party member who was unable to do more due to other commitments. As these have largely gone away. I’d like to get more involved with leafleting etc – anything to get rid of this atrocious government & this atrocious MP

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